Penelope Hemlock, the natural-born daughter of the deceased 4th Duke of Wentworth, finds herself welcome within the new duke’s family, once they know of her existence. The 5th Duke, Thomas Seabrook, insists she has a season and dares anyone to question the title of Lady before her name. In no time, she’s dining and dancing in the aristocracy's company, especially one mysterious and damaged duke.
Harry Sinclair, the Duke of Newbury, fought alongside Wellington at Waterloo. As he convalesces from his battle injuries, he finds himself thrown into the life of a peer. He never expected to inherit his uncle’s title, nor did he want it. Bored with the leisurely life of a duke, Harry continues serving King and Crown in a new position as a spy. Who would ever suspect a scarred, one eyed, lame legged duke to be a spy? Nor would one believe he was duchess hunting. Since he now held the title of duke, he needed an heir and a spare.
Even with his supposed flaws, Wentworth set his sights on Harry for his illegitimate sister. Harry and his cousin, Henry Sinclair, both pay homage to Penelope. When Penelope uncovers the truth of Harry and Henry’s identity and deceit, can she forgive and allow love to enter her heart? Or will bitterness and hatred tear her heart apart, never to be whole again?

A delightful read, thoroughly enjoyed.


Wonderful regency story


Excellent Historical!


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