amalfi coast holiday

On Christmas Eve, outside Saint Mark’s Basilica, Rosa Melchionne feels an undeniable attraction for a man she’s never met before. Her brother’s best friend and business partner, Marco Romano. On New Year’s Eve, the night of her brother’s wedding, they engage in a steamy night of unforgettable passion. After they part, she comes to terms with never seeing him again. Five months later he shows up at her family’s hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

Marco waits months before travelling to the Amalfi Coast where Rosa lives, after their romantic and sexy night together. A night Cupid shot an arrow straight into his heart. Five months before he has the courage to go to her and convince her something special exists between them. Only a fool continues to ignore the signs. The dull, constant ache in his heart from Cupid’s arrow still lodged there and the deep connection he feels after only one night and he’s no fool. She’s the one. The only one for him.

They re-connect and spend one glorious night and day together before Marco’s past crashes down upon them ripping them apart. Marco vows, once he settles his past, he will move Mount Vesuvius to win Rosa’s amore in one of the most bellissimo and romantico places on earth.

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