Sarah Kennedy used to be a young, carefree and wild teenager just like her friends. But one fateful summer and one traumatizing attack changes everything and Sarah flees, leaving everything behind and severing all ties.

Now, fifteen years later, Sarah receives an invitation for a reunion. No longer wanting to hide from her fears, Sarah decides to return to the one place that holds both her happiest and most terrifying memories: Sunset Beach.

And more than old memories are waiting for Sarah back at Sunset Beach – there’s Jake Ferroli, the one man who still has her heart. But Jake is battling his own demons and soon Sarah’s return to haunt her too. First comes the letters, then the photos and the threats. Needing to find the man who has been haunting her dreams all these years, Sarah and Jake hire a private investigator. But as they get closer and closer to uncovering the truth, the danger around them also grows. Can Sarah and Jake find Sarah’s attacker before he finds her?

Great read


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