Christine's Creations

During my high school days, I could be found in the art room or the clothing design and illustration rooms. Designing clothing, jewelry, or painting has always been a huge part of my life. After graduating from college and getting married, my mother, Alberta Murray, my sister, Karen Gomer and myself started a craft business. We did everything from shower and wedding favors, to setting up exhibits at huge craft fairs in the Boston area. Many of our Victorian Christmas ornaments were featured on the cover of, STURBRIDGE YANKEE WORKSHOP, Catalog. I will share some of those pictures soon. I hope you enjoy the things I have painted below. I only wish I took pictures of everything I painted before they were giving as gifts or  was commissioned to paint.
divider purple
Here is a doll I used to make for our business. I can't even count how many hours it takes to make. The picture does not do it justice, the amount of embroidery is extensive. I can't decide which is worse, the embroidery or sewing the doll together. I swore I would never make another. Well, for Mother's Day this year I made one for my mother. She never got one and always wanted one.
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